Published Works

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Covenant Discipleship Communicant's Curriculum

(Co-Authored with Richard L. Burguet)

This two-part curriculum puts the privilege and responsibility of the communicant process in the hands of parents, yet provides for oversight and direction from church leadership. Borrowing from key aspects of a homeschooling model, it gives a basic overview of membership in the Presbyterian church, answering questions such as, "What is faith in Christ?" "What do Presbyterians believe?" and "What does it mean to join a Presbyterian Church?"

Covenant Discipleship has been adopted by dozens of congregations in the Presbyterian Church in America (and other Presbyterian congregations) as their default communicant's curriculum.

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For All The Saints: Praying for the Church

Written for church members who love their church and want to pray for the particular needs of their congregation, this brief book is a practical guide to praying for the work and ministry of the church and her leaders.

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From M.Div. to Rev.: Making an Effective Transition from Seminary into Pastoral Ministry

A nuts-and-bolts guide to the practical "best practices" of navigating the process of candidacy and transition into ministry. This book is specifically written for the seminary student who is anticipating graduation and preparing for the transition early.

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Grafted Into The Vine: Rethinking Biblical Church Membership

A brief booklet that considers what church membership is, why it is vitally important, and what the implications of a biblical view of church membership are.

Works Currently In Progress

Firstfruits of a New Creation

(Co-Editor with Nick Perrin & Mark Ryan)

This book is a collection of essays interacting with topics and interests of Jerram Barrs, a lecturer, writer, and seminary professor whose work and ministry have influenced two generations of pastors, ministry workers, and church leaders. With topics as diverse as poetry, movies, ethics, worldview, and suffering, this collection is intended to both honor Barrs and his work, and continue the conversations begun under his tutelage.

You've Heard It Said: Bible Words We Use Poorly

Christians use Bible words often; sometimes, though, we inadvertently misuse them! In this book, I look at five of these words which are central to the life of the church, but are also misunderstood and used poorly in conversations, discussions, and even preaching and teaching. I also examine a handful of related terms to each of the five words, considering how we might expand and improve our vocabularies and use our words more effectively.

Strong & Courageous: Congregations Facing Change when the Pastor Leaves

When a pastor announces that he is leaving, everything changes. Whether the pastor is leaving under duress or following a fruitful and welcomed ministry, the changes that come to a church—and the preparation needed for receiving the next pastor—are significant, and deserve guidance and encouragement. In this brief booklet, I will offer some practical thoughts and ideas for how a congregation can prepare for their next pastor.

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